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"It doesn't seem to be enough that Tauno is both troubled and restless, and a computer maniac..."

"...he even has to combine those features!"

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"...May I have that packet of bubblegum, please?"

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"Two brothers living together... How did you come to this extraordinary solution?"

"Me and Rauno are like shirt and trousers..."

"...and besides, he requires complete control!"

Tämä strippi esittelee hahmon joka tulee esiintymään sarjassa myöhemmin vakituisena sivuhahmona. Vielä ei ole kuitenkaan kunnollisen esittelyn vuoro.

Den här strippen introducerar en figur som senare kommer att bli en reguljär sidofigur i serien. Det är dock inte ännu dags för en grundligare introduktion.

This strip introduces a character who will become a regular supporting character in this series. It's, however, not yet time for him to be introduced properly.

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