I.D. tarkoittaa Älykästä Suunnittelua. Mielenkiintoinen teoria josta luin yhdestä tiedelehdestä. En tiedä kannattaako siihen uskoa vai ei, mutta ainakin se antoi minulle idean tieteistarinaan.

I.D. står för Intelligent Design. En intressant teori jag läste om i en vetenskapstidning. Jag vet inte om det är någonting att tro på eller inte, men åtminstone gav den mig en idé för en science fiction-berättelse.

I.D. stands for Intelligent Design. An interesting theory I read about in a science magazine. I don't know whether it's something to believe or not, but at least it gave me an idea for a science fiction story.


"The landscapes pass by rapidly, so you can stop your whining."

"I'm tired... and I miss my family."

"If we sleep and drive each in turn, we should be home by noon."



"Was there any sense in leaving for a camping vacation hundreds of miles away?"

"At least there's a falling star, I can make a wish."

"A falling star..."

"Hey, what... Why did you stop the car?"

"Look closer, Fred. You think that's a falling star?"

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