Tässä strippisarjakuva, jota yritin tarjota Ilta-Sanomille julkaistavaksi "Kuukauden kotimaisena" vuonna 2004. Eivät ottaneet yhteyttä, vaikka soitin kerran kysyäkseni. Ilmeisesti tämä sarja on sitten aivan surkea. Onpahan nyt kuitenkin tässä.

Den här strippserien försökte jag år 2004 erbjuda åt en dagstidning för att bli publicerad under en månad. De kontaktade mig aldrig, så antagligen är den bara urusel. Här är den i alla fall.

Here's a comic strip I tried to offer to a newspaper in 2004 to be published for a month, but they didn't contact me. This comic strip is probably just lousy. Here it is anyway.


"Listen, Tallgren, technically that's good work, but it leaves me cold. You're floating too much in your own, peculiar spheres."

"Why don't you go out on the streets to see, what kind of art you can find there?"

"A magnificent painting of a magnificent installation piece!"


"It's called "A horse sinking in quicksand"!"

"So YOU'RE the "Sand thief of the beach"!"

("Who is guilty?")


"A successful image composition... blah blah natural colours blah the pine tree on the foreground blah blah original..."

"Yeah, a pretty exciting landscape."



"Let me hold at least one exhibition, I beg you!"

"Out of the question! I've seen your works, nobody will ever buy them!"

"They don't tell the viewer anything! There's no content in them!"

"No content, huh?! How about "Renaissance of 19th century art"?"


"OK, it's ready! You can come and look now, Hannes."

"Phew, thank goodness!"

"It's not easy to sit for hours keeping your head stiff and your face straight. I need face massage after this."

"What is it? Is there something wrong with the painting?"

"Not as such... But there's something familiar with it..."

Apologies to Joseph Lange (1751-1831)


"A wonderful summer, but no money! Should I give up everything and become a bum... wander all around Finland...?"

"I'd make small sculptures for people who offer me a place to sleep for the night..."

"...or pull up weeds..."


"I just returned from a two week summer vacation in Lapland! That sure was quite an experience!"

"Lucky guy!"

"And I have to hang around here, all useless! If I had money..."

"A large apartment, but poorly furnished. A shame..."

"...that you can't afford anything!"

"...I could head off to Thailand to get me a couple of muses!"


"Tallgren, listen to this! Booking agency Paladin arranges a competition for the best rock'n'roll-themed sculpture!"


"It has to include a piece of rock'n'roll history, and the winning piece will be presented at the Bull Rock festival next summer!"

"What luck! I can send this sculpture I made of my idol!"


"My work is called "A Promising Future"... symbolizes the poor people in our society and the conditions they live in... this point is a young artist who rises from poverty to success..."

"With this I've wanted to examine how modern man is affected by the flood of information... are we dependant on information... whether man is mentally paralyzed by bad news..."

"I made this in a few weeks. I think it's rather good. I added those round shapes so that this piece would be more eye-pleasing."


"You're quite a multi-faceted artist, Tallgren. Do you have to mess a lot with turpentine and all kinds of finishing liquids?"





"Hi, Hjalmar! I need your opinion!"

"I tried to sell my female figure, but they told me there's no message in it at all..."

"What do you think, is this a fierce enough attack against overweight?"



"Not bad as such to live alone... A single man has liberties that a family man can sometimes miss..."

"You mustn't be too alone, however... You get too alienated."

"That's why you have to constantly deal with people... Especially children."


"Poor Mom... Why did Dad have to die from cancer and leave her a widow?"

"And then Mom had to fall for a man who didn't even suit her. Now she suffers home alone, when that man is always out, either on business trips or on the pub!"

"If they'll ever get married, I bet the husband will say "IO dfo"... by e-mail!"


"von Wrights! These men knew how to paint!"

"They're too photogenic and crammed with details for my liking."

"I prefer Schjerfbeck's lyrical delicacy. Besides, I think this painting is rather gruesome."


"Man brutally killed three kittens"



"But my fridge has been totally empty for over three days, and the next support money won't come until nearly two weeks!"

"I'm sorry, Tallgren..."

"No money support, I thought I had made it clear. You just have to make it on your own.

"And what really pisses me off is, that he gladly supports some artist selling his work at marketplaces, but MY works aren't good enough for him!"



"Only one more slice of rye bread left... a leaf of lettuce... no butter..."

"They say that artists are more creative when hungry, but hardly when this hungry?"

"Or wait a minute... I've never made such a successful depiction of a gala dinner table."


"No, I've had enough! I've wasted my Dad's inheritance in five years... on trifles!"

"I could live well enough merely on unemployment benefit without these items of expense! Not to mention how well I could do with a monthly pay..."

"And so he pulled the skeletons out of his closet!"


"I hope the rent is reasonable?"

"Oh yeah, no problems in paying it."

"There isn't much furniture here, but more might appear in the course of time..."

"And here's my former atelier, which is now at your free disposal."

"Excellent! I'll start my creative work right away!"


"Artist Laurinkoski has received an award in New York"



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