"The control room!"

"It's not fun to walk back and forth all the time! Now I've got to sit down somewhere!"

"No, no, look out the window!"

"They're staring at the same black spot on a white background all the time."

"Message from the future: A programming error spotted on region C85/B8. A black hole created to suck out the material that must be repaired."

"What about it?"

"We opened the front door recently, and saw nothing but blackness!"


"On that screen everything is white, except that dot on the middle."

"Message to the future: Thank you for the model examples of the aliens. We have created 58 races using them for inspiration."

"You're feverishly thinking about something. What?"

"We couldn't get out. If you open a door into space, you'll get sucked out into a weightless world that has no air."

"Message from the future: What have you decided to do to the two intruders, which were not dead after all?"

"Here we opened the door, and were met with... nothing. There was NOTHING outside!"

"Message to the future: We will make useful matter out of them. The process is started now."

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