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"It's no use to teach you even basic facts about using a computer. We give up."

"So, you owe Tauno his teaching fees, and me the price of the computer."

Ensimmäiseen ruutuun improvisoin tussausvaiheessa Raunon näyttämään kieltä tietokoneelle. Ruutu olisi jäänyt muuten tylsäksi.

I första rutan improviserade jag Raunos tungvisning medan jag tuschade, så att rutan inte blev för tråkig.

On the first panel I improvised Rauno to show his tongue at the computer while I inked, otherwise the panel would have become boring.

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"OK, time to blow the play dead."

"Intermission! Come to the penalty box to have some juice and sandwiches."

"What will happen in the next period?"

"You'll get disqualified."

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"I think I'll draw a nasty caricature of you!"

"If I only were at the pub with a couple of pints in front of me."

"I'm trying to explain to you how to use this drawing program, but even this caricature doesn't seem to bother you!"

"You wanna know why?"

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"Darn! There went the whole business!"

"Wonderful! You can't possibly explain how to use a fine tuning mallet by speaking fancy gobbledygook."

"The reason this machine crashed was because you tried to do too many things at once! May I request that you don't interfere when I try to get this system to work!"

"I think the direction of this mallet just changed!"

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